Friday, September 30, 2011

Social Network Group for L2 Teachers

Among the social network groups, I find the EFL Classroom 2.0 most useful for me. I really like this idea to build up a social group among EFL teachers on internet. In this way we create a third space for L2 teachers so that they can discuss and share information without limitation of time and distance. Teachers can share their information about language teaching, discuss questions, and seek problem solving from this community. For example, I find that one teacher posted an information about a free TEFL course he provides for students. Not only teachers can gain from this community, but also students can learn a lot from it. It is also amazing that EFL teachers from different countries can communicate with each other bring new thoughts and different ideas from their own country. The forum in the community is a good place where teachers can communicate freely.

I am amazed by the vast information contained in this community. So much knowledge concerning English learning can be found in it, like in teach, we can find elementary, grammar, listening, phonetics etc. There are also many other different kinds of information including images, English musics, videos, games etc. There are all good resources for English teachers. Another good idea is the small groups in this community, such as teaching young learners group. This is very good. Take me as an example. I used to teach adults and don't have too much experience in teaching kids. If I want to know something about teaching kids, I can go to this group to read their articles, watch the videos, ask questions etc. 

I love this community and hope more EFL teachers will know this community so that all of us can contribute to and benefit from this community. 

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Maryanne said...

It sounds as if you have found a social-networking group that really fits your needs.