Saturday, September 24, 2011

Don't use tech because it is there!

The name of the post on which I commented is Better 'the Five Ws' than 'Because it's there' in the blog named Blog-efl. I am interested in it because it raises a very important issue of using technology in one's classroom. I think it is good for us learners to think about questions like when do we need to use technology in teaching, why do we need to use it, will it be beneficial for us to use it. That's what the author talks about. There are people who use tech in their class only because it is there. Instead, the author argued that teachers need to make it clear when they present ideas for using technology rather than falling into the trap of 'because it is there'.

Also the author provides two ways to help teachers make it clear why they need technology. One is Sue's check-list and the other is five Ws.  
Sue's list. 
Teachers can also justify their using of technology by asking questions including: "1. Why use the technology? 2. Who is the technology best for? 3. What is the technology best used for? 4. Where should it be used? 5. When should the technology be used? 6. How should the technology be used?" (blog-efl)
I think these questions are helpful for teachers to examine their motivation to use technology in their teaching. Using these questions can ensure that teachers won't use technology for technology's sake and make the teaching more beneficial for students. 

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Maryanne said...

Thanks for commenting on this article. Graham Stanley is one of my favorite edubloggers. I used to follow him on Twitter, but he tweeted too often!
I may use this post in a future class since it touches on a very important issue.