Friday, November 11, 2011

Using digital storytelling in teaching

Recently I learnt how to make digital story in many different ways. I am very glad that I learnt these new technologies and also believe that they are useful for teaching.

For me digital storytelling is a very good way for students to learn literacy. It is one of the multi-genre literacy. I think the new multi-genre literacy is very helpful for student to learn language in a new way which will be more appealing to them. Students who don't like reading might like to read in graphic books or who don't like writing might enjoying themselves making a digital story.

Teaching Objective:
In this multi-genre activity by using digital story, students will learn how to talk about the topic "travelling" in English. They will learn the new words and expressions about travelling and make their own story about travelling by using digital tools.

Teaching Procedure:
1. I will first share my own digital video story I made using my own pictures with my students.
2. Then I will ask students about their travelling experiences.
3. Let students talk about one of their favorite places they have ever been to.
4. Ask students to make their own digital story about travelling.

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Maryanne said...

Your sketch of a lesson beginning with your delightful video sounds promising.